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Watching movies is an excellent choice to spend your free time. Once you get addicted to these you will ever reserve your time for it. The hobbies are the best ways to ease off the stresses with day to day workload. There are a number of ways to enjoy movies out of your digital device. But, actually, even though there are places, the movies are limited. You will be able to enjoy one movie once in a month or weeks. However, it will be a nice feeling to enjoy whatever the theme you want at the same time of need arose. Unfortunately, when you browse it online, you will meet decent as well as cheating sites in here. Then what to do? There is no choice other than an excellent app. AZ Movie APK is one such app which could be able to rank the number one place when compared to the similar tools.

The guide to AZ Movie APK download for different OSes

You know, there are arrays of operating systems which are using in different types of devices. However, this amazing movie app was designed by targeting only Android. You could not be able to enjoy it by using any other OSes such as Apple. However, you can run it on the PCs. The smartphone or tablet users can just visit their official app store called google play store and download this APK into their devices. The process is easy and reliable in each aspect.

How much you have to pay for AZ Movie APK?

Not like most other movie apps, the AZ Movie APK will not charge any cost to offer this tool for you. The developers have designed it to offer the best outcomes for the user but not for them. They will take all the necessary actions to release its advanced versions with added features and bug fixes to expand your movie experience through it in the future. The current version is only about 6MB in size. Therefore, it will not restrict the performances of your device as well. Then, why don’t you still try this wonderful app to watch any of the movies you love within a second?

What are the necessary permissions to download AZ Movie APK?

It is not a secret, you have to grant permissions in order to enter into your device when downloading and installing certain apps. But, the AZ Movie APK will only ask you to grant the permissions to penetrate into storage and media. The location, call histories and contacts will not a matter for this tool. Therefore, there is no risk for your privacy by using it. The storage and media will use to store its data and use the audio and video players to play the movies selected by you.

AZ Movie APK interface after installing…

The interface of this tool is designed in a customer friendly way. Otherwise, if you could not be able to manage whatever the settings in here, you will definitely reject it. There are movies and TV shows in different categories. This both major categories have categorized under four sub decisions which are known as an update, popular, new and rating. In addition to that, you can choose whatever the movie by using the search bar in the app. Once you go through all the results, you can select the one you have to watch. Moreover, you have chances to see the results for different genres as well.

If your video player is supporting the movie, there is nothing to worry! If not, it will ask permissions to download a compatible player to cast the movie. Once you grant it, the app will automatically download it through Google play store. If not, you can manually download it before running the app. Now, almost done! You can enjoy your favorites. Actually, there are each and every option that the movie lovers are expecting through such a tool.

Save your videos for future enjoyment!

Not finished! There is one more excellent property you must know! It is the ability to save your favorites for late watches. Once you got the two interesting movies at once, you can save both to watch later. Since it provides continuation for the movie enjoyment, most of the users really love this feature.

Moreover, since the current version is the 1.0.0, there is much more to add in the future! Can you imagine what will be the future experience through this? Actually, it has outstanding qualities in its first version as well. Then; no doubt! This app will change the current revolution of digital movie enjoyment into a greater extent!

Android rooting to have AZ Movie APK

Most of the Android users do not try to install a new app which was not in the discussion for about years due to fear of rooting their devices. Simply, the rooting means, changing the current inclusions of original operating systems in order to install a third party tool to a smartphone. But, as you know so far, the AZ Movie APK is available in the official play store. Then, there is no importance of rooting in order to download it! After reading this guide, you can download it by eliminating the fear of rooting!

However, sometimes, you will need to turn on the unknown installation when installing this. Even though the phones or tablets suggests several issues here, there is nothing to worry, you can proceed with the downloading process. This app is totally a secure one from various malware and unusual behaviors.

AZ Movie APK reviews by users!

The latest update of this app was done a few months back on October sixth, 2018. When considering the app for all the time, it has got around three point five overall ratings. It is a great challenge for a new app like this. But, AZ Movie APK could be able to win this challenge due to its marvelous properties.

App Name AZ Movie Apk
Version 1.0.0
Supported by Android & PC
Avg Rating 3.5
Last Updated on 6 October 2018
Official Site




  • Open Settings.
  • Tap Security.
  • Scroll down and find unknown sources option. Simple enable it.



  • Search for AZ Movie APK file.
  • Once you find it, Tap on it to run the file.
  • On installation wizard, Simply tap on install option to initiate the process.


The Install process finished, you will get the confirmation message

AZ Movie APK

Tap app icon to launch it

AZ Movie APK

The outline!

Finally, we came to the end! You can experience it to get to know the reality of the things mentioned here by following this app. Actually, AZ Movie APK is a marvelous app when considering its properties with similar apps in entrainment category! If you have it, all the movies from every corner of the world are at your thumb distance. Let’s keep the end mark for this by opening doors for the movie experience. We will meet you sooner with another important app like this. Keep watching our new updates.

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